Our Campaign Story

ends 06 Aug 2016, 11:59 PM

My grandmother was sick and bedridden in her later years before she passed away last year. She was fortunate enough to have her children and her grandchildren caring for her but even then it was a difficult time for her, and for the entire family.

There are many elderly in Singapore who themselves or their families do not have the resources, skills or knowledge required to take care of sick elderly. I know firsthand that a lot of resources, time and patience is needed. Hence it was heartening for me to learn that the Society of the Aged Sick provides care specifically to these group of people.

The Society for the Aged Sick provides shelter and companionship for the aged sick, especially those who are too weak and poor to provide for their daily needs like personal hygiene, regular meals, daily exercise and taking their medication as prescribed by their doctor.

They provide:

-Residential care
-Daily nursing care
-Dental care
-Regular medical reviews by a doctor, and honorary consultants.
-5 meals a day: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon tea, Dinner and Evening Tea.

The goal isn't much, but it is to start you thinking about those who need your support to go on.

Do your bit to bring warmth into this world by contributing directly to the Society for the Aged Sick.

About The Charity

Society for the Aged Sick is a Voluntary Welfare Organisation providing quality and holistic care for the destitute and aged sick.

Established in 1968 as a 16 bedded facility, we now have 404 beds in our current location.

We create a home within a home environment where our residents can enjoy professional and individualized care. Every resident is treated with respect and we affirm that our residents' dignity is at the core of our work.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.