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ends 26 Apr 2020, 11:59 PM

Its hard to believe anyone could go hungry in Singapore. However, with the national circuit breaker in place because of COVID-19, thousands of people are losing access to meals. From low-income children amd families to isolated seniors.

As the COVID-19 situation escalates even further, the Sayang Sayang Fund by the #CommunityFoundationOfSingapore seeks to fundraise at least $3 million to support local charities and non-profits to help these impoverished in need.

So, this year, for my birthday, I hope to do my little part: to raise $6000 by 25th April to help these people. Please help me to help them. No present will be greater than this.

If you can, I urged you to pledge half of the $600 if not all from the Care Package you will receive to the cause. You n I are blessed with great family and friends. Let's bless the less fortunate.

About Campaign

The Sayang Sayang Fund is a fund driven by the community to support vulnerable communities adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Fund is managed by The Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS), who works with community partners and service agencies to identify these vulnerable communities and care recipients. CFS then endeavours to ensure that no one falls by the wayside during this challenging period, by:
1. Supporting community-based emergency response funds for marginalised communities adversely affected by the COVID-19 situation.
2. Providing innovation solutions and research to better combat COVID-19.
3. Building capabilities that support charities' operational and/or business continuity processes.

From small donations to large, whether an individual or corporate donor, it is your heart-warming outpouring of love that truly brings to life the community spirit of the Sayang Sayang Fund. As we slowly return to normalcy, we are keeping the campaign open for those who wish to help those vulnerable groups who still require help recovering from the challenges of the pandemic. And we thank you for your continuing support.

Please visit https://www.cf.org.sg/sayangsayangfund/ for more information on the Sayang Sayang Fund.

*We thank those who have supported us with their own campaigns for the Sayang Sayang Fund. To consolidate fundraising efforts, we will not be accepting anymore new individual campaigns for this Fund. Thank you.

About The Charity

The Community Foundation of Singapore is a non-profit organisation founded in 2008 to encourage and enable philanthropy in Singapore. We match donors' interest with causes and offer ways for them to make a greater impact through their charitable funds. We also collaborate with charity partners to identify programmes that support diverse communities. Our purpose is to create real and meaningful change while building a philanthropic culture in Singapore. CFS is a registered charity with Institution of a Public Character status.

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