Our Campaign Story

ends 05 Dec 2017, 11:59 PM

For my 17th birthday this year, I decided to start a campaign to raise funds for a charitable organisation because I hope to do something meaningful and I never really found meaning in people spending money to give me gifts when there wasn't anything I needed so I hope that all this money spent can be channeled to accomplish something with a greater purpose!

I chose this beneficiary because I read up on what they did and I felt that it was something that resonated with me more so I hope that this small step of mine can help to impact the beneficiary somehow, no matter how small the impact is!

About The Charity

Food from the Heart (FFTH) is a non-profit charity organization established in February 2003 after Singapore-based Austrian couple Henry and Christine Laimer read an article in The Sunday Times about bakeries discarding their unsold bread. Stirred, they then decided to channel surplus food from bakeries to those in need.

Food from the Heart has since evolved to become a resource bank, taking in non-perishable food items, toys and toiletries besides bread, whilst recycling and rechanneling whatever we can to good use.

As the need for services continue to grow, innovative programmes were added to not just alleviate hunger but also bring joy and hope, touching lives in every possible way. Visit www.foodfromtheheart.sg to find out more.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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