Our Campaign Story

ends 02 Mar 2018, 11:59 PM

Johnny grew up in a loving family. His parents gave to every whim and fancy of his. However, he was in search of identity and belonging. At 13 years old, some senior students recruited him into their gang. He consented and thus spiraled into various vices to 'earn' friendship from his gang.

Truancy and delinquency resulted him to be expelled. He even stole a vehicle, and that sent him to Singapore Boys Home for a year. His parents forgave him, and he promised them that he will change. But within moments after release, he stole money from his parents to meet his gang. This vicious cycle didn't cease, not even when he was faced with the death of his cancer stricken mother.

At 33, Johnny couldn't even recognize himself in the mirror. All his veins have collapsed after 20 years of drug abuse. He knew he must change.

But how? He remembered Ivan, a friend, but also someone whom he cheated money from. Despite the embarrassment, Johnny called Ivan. Instead of rejecting him, the first response Ivan gave was,

"Where are you and how can I help you?"

This turned his life around. Despite Johnny's cheatings, Ivan is still willing to give.

Johnny is now happily married, with a daughter. He also runs the halfway house operations and the residential programme at TNCM. Being a certified counselor, he gives back to Youths-At-Risk and inmates, helping them for the better.

Johnny's friend gave relentlessly, making a change. You, too, can BE the change. Give, because #ToGiveIsFulfilling.

About Campaign

In conjunction with the Festive Seasons, The New Charis Mission (TNCM) will be having a series of fundraising campaigns to generate funds to support our programme outreaches & beneficiaries. It also serves as an opportunity to remind us about giving back to our community, reaching out to the dark alleys to help those who are trapped and are unable to break free on their own.

From everyone at TNCM, we believe in hope and advocate change. Even more so, we aim to change lives and habits for the better, to contribute to a better society. It goes as simply as this: 'help a stranger, make a friend; help a friend, build a family; help a family, leave a legacy'. Lives do impacts lives, and we know that YOU can be that change maker.

TNCM aims to raise $50,000 from this series of campaign to support and help over 13,000 beneficiaries, ranging from elderly to youths-at-risk, many of which are served through existing programmes and services such as preventive programmes, befriending sessions, psycho-education and many others.

Join us as we take one step closer towards creating an impact and the ripple effect that follows after it. Your support will make a positive impact in their lives and others. To register interest in our organisation, head over to www.thenewcharismission.org.sg. Alternatively, you can also offer your support by making an online donation right here, right now.

About The Charity

YOU can be a part of HOPE & CHANGE!
Donate and join us to reach the disadvantaged and the marginalised in our society to bring them new hope and opportunities. We enable and equip them through our targetted programmes, tools and refuge.

HALFWAY HOUSE: Our rehabilitation programme provides restoration for newly released ex-offenders and walk-in individuals who are seeking to change their lives. Here, they learn how to rebuild their lives and families, and then contribute back to society.

YOUTH: Our transformed ex-offenders move upstream from aftercare to preventive work with structured mentoring programmes to reach our next generation in schools.

PRISON: We seek to bring tangible hope and encouragement to those still in prison. Our counselling programme enables them to lead lives liberated from gangs and drugs and survive beyond bars.

ELDERLY: Our objective is to bring joy, comfort and meaning to the lives of our aged poor. Our regular visits, provisions, haircuts, home cleaning and refurbishments have touched many lives. Our team have moved beyond the weekly visitations to transforming the homes of these elderly, giving them a better living condition.

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