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ends 14 Jun 2023, 11:59 PM

Hi I am Yu Cheng, 9 years old this year. My Best Friend ET the Slow Loris is inspired by an actual Slow Loris rescue by ACRES. It is about the friendship between ET the Slow Loris and her best friend Samuel the Green Tree Snail both endangered local species. Samuel has been waiting everyday at their usual tree branch but there was no news of ET for some time. He was getting really worried if she had met with danger. Read this story to find out what happened to ET the Slow Loris and if the two friends could be reunited again.

With my book, I hope to do my part in supporting ACRES in their work and the wildlife in Singapore. I am very grateful to Average Foundation for supporting this fundraising project and providing the funding for the book printing.

To get a copy of the book

Step 1: Donate at least S$20 to this fundraising page. If you require mailing to local address, please add $3 dollars for local address normal mailing.

Step 2: Screenshot/send a copy of your giving.sg donation receipt and write your local address if mailing is required to [email protected]

You can also choose not to claim the book and simply support by donating any amount.

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign !

Yu Cheng

Average Foundation supports the idea of one - one person, one time, one small act of kindness. https://www.averagefoundation.com/

100% of the proceeds from the books will be donated to ACRES

About The Charity

ACRES is a pioneering Singapore-based charity with a sole aim to advocate for an end to animal cruelty in our own backyard. With Singapore's first facility dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade and injured native wild animals we speak up for more animals via our five focus areas: Tackling Wildlife Crime in Singapore, Humane Education, Promoting Cruelty-Free Living, Community Outreach, and Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation.

Since our founding in May 2001, ACRES has helped effect several environmental shifts that pushed Singapore forward in the animal protection movement. Alongside collaborative efforts with governmental agencies, we seek to nurture a responsible society from grassroots level to the individual homes where animals are treated with compassion and respect.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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