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ends 18 Feb 2019, 11:59 PM

Jason and I are running 10k on Sunday 17th Feb as part of ' RUN FOR HOPE 2019'.

Lend me your support as I run for Cancer Research. My mom passed away from ovarian cancer 2 years ago. She was only 59. She could probably out-walk / outrun/ out-squash/ out-trek/ out-eat most her age.

Few of our friends have also lost their husband and parents recently to cancer.

Hopefully more effective treatments can be discovered soon. If not to eliminate cancer, will be great if the research can improve a cancer patient' s quality of life or end of life care. They need funds for research.

It's going to be a tough 10km run for me! So pls donate any amount to support my run!

All proceeds go straight to the NCCS NATIONAL CANCER CENTRE SINGAPORE.

About Campaign

Between 2011 to 2015, more than 64,300 Singaporeans were diagnosed with cancer, out of which 48.6% were men and 51.4% were women. The statistic is alarming and cancer incidences will continue to rise by 5% year-on-year as reported by the Singapore Cancer Registry. With so many in our community being affected by cancer, there is an urgent need to find a cure for this disease.
Support from each of you is vital to helping National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) make advancements in cancer research.

NCCS and Four Seasons Hotel Singapore will partner once again to host Run for Hope, an annual mega run for cancer awareness and research. We hope to have our loyal supporters and runners join us once again at this event to send a unified message that cancer cannot be beaten alone, it needs a community! Net proceeds raised from this event will be directed towards cancer research at NCCS whose doctors and researchers are working hard to find a cure.

If your are unable to participate in Run for Hope but would like to support cancer research, we invite you to make a gift through Giving.sg today! Every dollar will help NCCS move one step closer to winning the war against cancer.

About The Charity

Established in 2005, the NCC Research Fund supports innovative research to find the breakthroughs that will change how we understand, diagnose, treat and ultimately cure cancer.

With cancer research and care under one roof at the National Cancer Centre Singapore, the knowledge gained from patient-centric research fuels advancement in clinical care, which in turn provides knowledge that drives research. We firmly believe that today's research will pave the way for tomorrow's cure for cancer.

Please note that in the event that the donations made for a specific purpose/project:
(i) Are less than the minimum $10,000 to support an existing project OR
(ii) Has no new applicable project after a 2-year waiting period, the NCC Research Fund Board of Trustees reserves the right to channel these donations to the Fund's general pool in support of other worthy research projects.

Please note that donations must be made before 15 December for processing and be included in time for tax assessment in the same year.