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ends 26 Dec 2021, 11:59 PM

Go for a WALK with your partner as a testament of your commitment. CELEBRATE your intentions at an In-Person Live show
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Organized by Singaporeans for Singapore to spark meaningful conversations about love
We found that couples often talk ONLY when problems arise. We don't communicate anymore. Not just verbally but actions are not taken.

#Love is action#
The Married Engaged & Dating will go for a WALK as a testament of their commitment. CELEBRATE their intentions with CELEBRATION OF COMMITMENT LIVE SHOW featuring a real solemnization and stories of couples., LEARN best communication practices from experts in the lead-up and fundraise for a note-worthy CHARITY - Centre For Fathering.

This would achieve the objectives of strengthening marriage and parenthood making it achievable and through role modeling of stories, inspiring one to take action.

Our Motto: We truly believe that

__99__99_____99__99___ Love is a Marathon
_99______99______99__ Love is an Intention
___99____+_____99___ Love is a Commitment
______99_+_99_______ https://love99.co

About The Charity

The Centre for Fathering (CFF) is a non-profit founded in 2000 to promote active & involved fathering, and address issues caused by fatherlessness in Singapore. For more than 20 years, CFF has helped countless families, beginning with fathers, through workshops and experiential programmes conducted in schools, communities, prisons, religious organisations & corporate companies.

Our four annual flagship campaigns, 'Back To School With Dad', 'Eat With Your Family Day', 'Paktor with Mom', and 'Celebrating Fathers', encourage fathers to be present with their families.

CFF also champions the DADs for Life movement to inspire fathers to be good influencers of their children, and a father figure to those who do not have fathers.

Marriage is a partnership and men can become even better fathers with their wives' support. Mums and Dads play irreplaceable and complementary roles in parenting. In 2019 DADs for Life partnered with a group of mother volunteers to launch another national ground up movement; MUMs for Life, to complement the work of DADs for Life.

MUMs for Life celebrates a Mum's identity as daughter, woman, wife and mother. When Mums are confident in their unique identity and multiple roles, they can better nurture our children and support Dads in building a stronger family in an increasingly complex world.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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