Our Campaign Story

ends 24 May 2020, 11:59 PM

We at Primer Group are one big family, and we would like to show our care and concern by reaching out to those in need.

Singapore is a small country, but out hearts are big. As we continue to combat the Corona virus pandemic during this circuit breaker, our locally transmitted cases have dropped tremendously. And this is all contributed to the swift actions of our country's leaders and the willing cooperation of majority of its people.

But lets not forget about our unsung heroes, many of which have left their countries and family behind to earn a living in Singapore. They have helped build and maintain many of the things we take for granted today. And these people I am talking about are our very own migrant workers. Many of you are already aware that they make up the majority of Covid-19 positive cases in Singapore.

We hope to do our part by doing this fund raising campaign. This campaign will not only benefit your health and keep you occupied, it will also benefit the Migrant Workers' Assistance Fund (MWAF).

We will be doing a "Live" HIIT Workout with Singapore's National Climber, Lynnette on Zoom.

1) To sign up, you will have to donate a MINIMUM of $8.
2) All participants will receive a $10 PROMO CODE* to be used on Shopee.
3) From the live workout on Zoom, Lynnette will select 3 LUCKY WINNERS at the end of the session to WIN A FREE Hydro Flask of their choice.

100% of all proceeds will be donated to the Migrant Workers' Assistance Fund (MWAF).

About The Charity

The Migrant Workers' Assistance Fund (MWAF) is the humanitarian charity of the Migrant Workers' Centre (MWC). MWC assists migrant workers redress employment disputes and furthers education and awareness among them of their employment rights. MWC also promotes migrant workers' social integration as well as their harmonious co-existence with Singaporeans at the workplace and beyond. As case assistance for migrant workers is frequently accompanied by follow-on issues with housing, food and other subsistence costs, the MWAF was set up in 2012 (IPC-certified in 2014) to fund all humanitarian and emergency assistance rendered to MWC case clients - if their employers fail to discharge the duty to care for and protect their own workers. The MWAF allows the MWC to cover and protect vulnerable workers up till their outstanding matters are resolved and concluded, and is a key resource for the MWC in providing proper and adequate help to distressed and victimized migrant workers in Singapore.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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