Our Campaign Story

ends 22 Jul 2018, 11:59 PM

What is normal? Does that define who you are? Should it stop you from your dream? Should it stop life?

I believe nothing or no one should deter your passion and visions.
Living with a virus should not stop one from achieving his or her dream.

I am one who is fighting and I will keep on fighting become a voice and keep the flame to grow stronger and stronger.

About The Charity

In South and South-East Asia, an estimated 4 million people were living with HIV in 2011. Singapore's prevalence rate is considered low compared to other country in the region. We intend to keep it that way through outreach and education.

We do not want to see another young person get infected due to lack of necessary knowledge. We do not want to another child born with HIV due to lack of information. We do not want to see another late diagnosed patient due to avoiding stigma. We do not want another person living with HIV skip medication due to fear of disclosure. We do not want another person lost their job due to ignorance and discrimination. Above all, we do not want to see another death caused by HIVAIDS or related stigma and discrimination.

This Epidemic is preventable. New infections and death are avoidable. We have immense knowledge about how the disease is transmitted and the existence of resources such as condoms that prevent transmission and anti-retro-viral drugs which prolong lives and reduce infections to partners. This epidemic continued to be fueled by stigma surrounding HIVAIDS and ignorance. It creates a culture of secrecy, silence, ignorance, blame, shame and victimization. Many of those who are infected keep their status a secret and those who are uninfected continue to believe that it cant happen to them.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.