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ends 09 Jan 2022, 11:59 PM

A cancer diagnosis is shocking, often paralyzing, and more so traumatic for the child & the whole family. Suddenly, their world seems upside down. Lots of 'why' running through the head, lots of challenges waiting ahead.

LOVE, NILS provides emotional, social & community support to children with cancer & caregivers.

Their primary effort is providing care coordinators to guide patients & caregivers through the healthcare system. They also provide support through integrative therapies, home and school visits, educational talks, identifying financial resources, facilitating communication with healthcare providers, and more. They help patients understand their diagnosis & any other concerns that may arise.

LOVE NILS also provides programmes and initiatives via Education Support (one-to-one weekly tutoring sessions), Open Art Support (weekly sessions at NUH & KKH to help children and their family express emotions which might not be easy for them to verbalise), Xploro Health (health information platform that uses augmented reality, gameplay and artificial intelligence to deliver health information to young patients), T-Shirt Masterpiece Program (patients create their masterpiece, which is then printed onto t-shirts for the children to keep) and more.

Your generous support can ensure that LOVE, NILS continues this life-changing work.

Thank you very much for gifting children with cancer HOPE & STRENGTH to live their very best, one day at a time.

About The Charity

At LOVE, NILS we provide support to children with cancer and their caregivers with much needed healthcare guidance, emotional care plus social and community support that will enable them to thrive.

Where do you even begin? Parents seeking treatment for their child have to find their way through complex, often puzzling healthcare systems. Both parent and child face immense challenges to their well-being, such as anxiety, isolation and depression. To stand a better fighting chance, families need guidance, emotional care, a strong community and other forms of support that some hospitals may not be able to fully provide.

THE WORK - Holistic support with a difference.
LOVE, NILS provides families with knowledge, resources and community support at every step of the way. We're the only non-profit in Singapore that raises funds to pay for Care Coordinators who guide patients and caregivers to receive the help they need.

We believe it takes a village to heal a child. And that's why we hold regular toy drives, events, school programs and hospital visits involving many dedicated individuals, to keep children and caregivers socially engaged, hopeful and resilient. This way, they know they're not alone in the fight.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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