Our Campaign Story

ends 02 Jan 2022, 11:59 PM

I learnt about BABES when I was Sustainability Manager at IKEA and recently learnt in Nov 21 Straits Times that they are a charity worth supporting.

BABES proactively reach out to and journey with girls aged 21 and below needing support with their pregnancy.

Concurrently, I have this insane idea to try and hit 21 chin ups in a row. Even in NS, I think I just hit around 11 chinups and ever since, I try to stay around 10 just to get my IPPT gold. Now, some how with at a free chin up bar installed at home, at the age of 39, I think I can attempt the impossible.

Hence, just linking a bunch of 2s and 1s together... Nothing beats having a good cause and a good reason for some exercise.

About The Charity

Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd offers support to pregnant teenagers by proactively providing information and community resources that facilitate responsible decision making. Babes believes that support from her family, friends and wider community is essential for a pregnant teenager to make her decision responsibly and for her to experience a sense of normalcy in this difficult period.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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