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ends 31 Dec 2021, 11:59 PM

Everyone, young and old, needs to have a purpose and meaning in Life. With a positive mindset and a hope for ones future, mental wellness is maintained.

EmpowerAgeing and Impart (in collaboration) seek to EMPOWER seniors and young persons to live well and thrive in their respective seasons of life. Together, through intergenerational relationship strategies, community living/life can be both loving and caring.

Through this campaign, the funds generated are expected to

- Engage persons and onboard them onto the Impart programme, each one partnered with an Impart volunteer mentor,

- Encourage them to be involved in an InterGenerational opportunity (they could either find a senior themselves or be introduced to one by EmpowerAgeing to start an intergenerational relationship);

- Befriend and learn more about the seniors, conceptualize and roll out a mutually beneficial learning programme/ activity - Impart volunteer mentor provides support wherever necessary;

- Tap on the resources available for the programme/activity roll-out. This includes drawing from the above InterG Opportunity fund (up to $100 per intergenerational relationship within 2021);

- Both the young person and the senior can tell/showcase their relationship journey stories at the end of the year.

Let's provide a platform for Seniors to be empowered to be independent and continue to find meaning and purpose in their silver years, while the youth can learn life experiences and meaning through seniors!

About The Charity

Empower believes that ageing well is to be active, empowered and engaged in life with independence and a good quality of life. We enable that through mitigating and even reversing decline and addressing common complaints associated with ageing. We want to enable every older adult to live a fulfilling life and function at the optimal level that they are capable of. We believe that through creating opportunities for older adults, the gift of ageing gracefully can be realised.

Mission: To provide solutions that empower older adults to mitigate age associated declines, thus transforming the way they age.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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