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ends 26 Feb 2017, 11:59 PM
Can you help a family stop fighting over a child's exam results?
Can you help an overwhelmed teacher struggling with suicidal students?
Can you help a Principal and MOE Director find ways to eliminate youth suicides?
Can you help a worry-stricken CEO find innovative local employees?

Parents, children, teachers, policy-makers and employers, join us for this interactive play held at NVPC on 24th-26th Feb 2017. Share your opinions and offer alternative solutions in the hope of producing a new outcome.

To first ensure this dialogue can take place, we need your help. Education requires change, change can be accelerated when all stakeholders share empathy for the situation. By donating to this cause, we build a larger, stronger and more empowered community - giving voice to the masses.

Tickets: www.budstheatre.com
Email [email protected] for enquiries.

This play is brought to you by 100 Voices, a parent-led advocacy group that aims to unlock multiple talents in every child looking beyond academic grades; and Buds Theatre, a registered charity providing theatrical productions as a vehicle for change.

This play aims to challenge perspectives and help the audience to recognise the need for a more open and accepting society. A society that aims to broaden its thinking and provide children with a platform to be the best they can be, regardless of personal or financial limitation.

About the Charity

Buds Theatre is a registered charity and not for profit fringe theatre company. It operates an umbrella system, with three main components: fringe theatre company, theatre-in-education and youth theatre. Initially formed to provide a professional pathway for graduates of theatre, Buds Theatre now utilises theatre as a vehicle for change, offering targeted programmes, to raise societal issues.

Buds Theatre Benefits the Community...

- By building empathy.
- By stimulating audiences through alternative approaches to theatre.
- By supporting new writers.
- By providing platforms for community dialogue.
- By offering new perspective.
- By providing support to youth in theatre.
- Using theatre as a true vehicle for change.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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