Our Campaign Story

ends 03 Jan 2016, 11:59 PM

My campaign is to raise awareness and fundraise for the Red Cross Home for the Disabled (RCHD). Presently, the Home has about 100 residents - both adults and children. I sincerely feel that the residents at the Home (who are severely disabled) needed more human touch. All of them are bedridden thus they spent the entire day just lying on the bed due to the limitations of the things they can do. Many of them do not have any loved ones visiting them. I can feel how much they must have yearned for company even though they couldn't express it.

There's a 17 year old boy, named Noor with cerebral palsy whom I have a special connection with. We basically have the same interest in Wrestling (WWE)! His collection of WWE VCDs, secretly stashed in his bedside cupboard, caught my attention and occasionally he would watch them on his portable player. How awesome is that? So, during my recent trip to RCHD, I presented him something cool and that moment was priceless. :) In all, it's really a humbling experience. It reminded me how fortunate we all are.

The Red Cross Home for the Disabled needs your support. Every contribution helps in supplying essential items such as diapers, nutritional beverages, meal replacements for tube-feeding residents and more. Come and support me in my campaign. Let's prove we care!

About The Charity

The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) is a homegrown humanitarian organisation dedicated to relieve human suffering, protect lives and dignity and respond to emergencies since 1949. Our blood donor mobilisation programme, home for the disabled, transport aid, food aid, community led action for resilience, community first aid and training derive from our mission to serve the vulnerable.


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