Race for Charity - Covering the Distance for the Needy

by Bright Vision Hospital


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Bright Vision Hospital Race for Charity - Covering the distance for the needy, invites public to join the race while giving back to the society. The race is filled with exciting activities and is an excellent bonding session for families, friends and corporate. Through the race, participants will discover different areas that Singaporeans live, work and play. Many of these areas have rich historical or social memories that we may not be aware of.

You can support the good cause by signing up as a participant or donate to help our needy patients. Proceeds from your donation will help our patients in their rehabilitative journey and return home to their loved ones sooner, and provide care to our palliative patients to live their last days with respect, dignity and peace.

Find our more about our race, http://www.bvh.org.sg/race-for-charity.html

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Bright Vision Hospital is a 317-bedded community hospital offering holistic and quality care, especially to the needy, the sick, and the elderly.Our hospital provides an integrated healthcare programme for our patients' physical and psychosocial well-being. Every year, we serve over 1,500 new patients, with majority of the patients staying with us for one to two months, and who are 61 years old and above, requiring strong psychosocial support beyond direct medical and nursing care.Our key services and facilities include: 1. Inpatient Rehabilitation Care 2. Inpatient Sub-acute Care 3. Inpatient Palliative Care 4. Inpatient Long-term Care 5. Outpatient Rehabilitation (Day Rehabilitation Centre) 6. Outpatient Services (Community and Continuing Care Clinic)

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