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About Us

Bright Vision Hospital is a 317-bedded community hospital offering holistic and quality care, especially to the needy, the sick, and the elderly.Our hospital provides an integrated healthcare programme for our patients' physical and psychosocial well-being. Every year, we serve over 1,500 new patients, with majority of the patients staying with us for one to two months, and who are 61 years old and above, requiring strong psychosocial support beyond direct medical and nursing care.Our key services and facilities include:
1. Inpatient Rehabilitation Care
2. Inpatient Sub-acute Care
3. Inpatient Palliative Care
4. Inpatient Long-term Care
5. Outpatient Rehabilitation (Day Rehabilitation Centre)
6. Outpatient Services (Community and Continuing Care Clinic)

Our Programmes

We actively organise major fundraising and community outreach events such as charity walks, carnivals and concerts to engage with the community and raise funds for our needy patients. During every event, we raise more than $100,000 to help our needy patients with their medical bills. Your gifts now have double the impact! For every $100 donated, you will provide a terminally ill patient two days of quality end-of-life care worth $200. This is all thanks to the Singapore Government's commitment to match all donations dollar-for-dollar.We greatly appreciate the strong support from our partners over the years and hope you are inspired to join us in providing holistic and quality care for our elderly patients.
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