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ends 31 Oct 2021, 11:59 PM
From enabling small group literacy programmes to providing basic necessities like school uniforms, programmes under the Bright Horizons Fund are enabled through the generous support of donors. Our initiatives are put together with a focus on providing learning and support programmes for children from low-income families. These programmes ensure that no child is deprived of a quality preschool experience due to the financial constraints of the family.

We are mindful that unexpected circumstances can increase the hardships faced by low-income families, and we are proactive in developing new programmes and extending additional assistance when the need arises.

Our fundraising efforts continue all year round to support the various schemes offered to low-income families. Your contribution is crucial in providing holistic support and opportunities to these children - giving them a chance to succeed and access to quality education no matter their circumstances. Every Child, Every Family Matters. Please join us by donating to the Bright Horizons Fund to reach out to more children in need!

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About the Charity

Established by NTUC First Campus Co-operative Limited in 2008, the Bright Horizons Fund (BHF) enables children from low income families to receive quality pre-school education and positive classroom experiences.

Studies have shown that exposure to quality pre-school education has a powerful influence in nurturing a child's potential success. Children from low income families who receive assistance in their early years do better in school, which in turn creates a positive effect in their adulthood. BHF hopes that with early intervention, the funds can help these children break out of their current circumstances by giving them a good start in life.

For more information, please visit https://www.ntucfirstcampus.com/do-good/bright-horizons-fund


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