Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, is collaborating with 5 partners to advocate for breast cancer, raise funds toward breast cancer research and empower breast cancer patients and survivors


In Singapore, over 2,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer yearly and over 400 patients do not survive this illness. Breast cancer remains the leading cancer and cause of cancer deaths among women. Regular screening can detect breast cancer early and early detection allows patients to have a higher chance of recovery.

The annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) campaign themed “Buddy Up to Beat Breast Cancer” aims to encourage women to be open to their peers and family to discuss about mammograms and breast cancer.


Your donation will make a difference to breast cancer research and empower the lives of breast cancer patients and survivors in our City of Good. Advocate for this cause by sharing this campaign to your family and friends and raise more awareness on breast cancer.


Show your support and donate to the campaigns below.


Visit to sign up for events and activities championing breast cancer.


Medical source: Singapore Cancer Registry 50th Anniversary Monograph (1968 – 2017).

Statistics source: Singapore Cancer Registry Annual Report 2018.

Fact: Women aged 40 to 49 years old can screen for breast cancer, but they should talk to their doctors about the benefits and limitations of mammogram for this age group so that they can make an informed choice about going for screening.

Fact: Singaporean women aged 50 and above who have a Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) card are advised to check if they qualify for any other subsidies or schemes.