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About Us

Who are we?
We are a community of brain tumour patients, caregivers and friends who come together from all walks of life and many different circumstances to support and help each other in our journeys so that no one with a brain tumour would walk alone. Set up in 2014, we are now a registered charity since 16 September 2019.
The diagnosis of a brain tumour can be devastating. BTSS patients and caregivers understand this first-hand. We want to share our experience and knowledge to help patients and families at every stage, from the diagnosis to the treatment, rehabilitation and assimilation back to society.

Our Programmes

We provide financial assistance schemes to help families affected by the diagnosis of a brain tumour. These schemes include:
- Welfare Grant
- Rehabilitation and Homecare Grant
- Wellness Fund
To help our pediatric patients cope with school, we run the Tuition Program on Saturdays.
We have our monthly support group meetings at Singapore General Hospital every second Saturday of the month and hold quarterly talks that focus on topics of relevance to our beneficiaries.
To encourage bonding within the community and also with the society, community events are hosted throughout the year, with the involvement of volunteers from the general public.
Being a disease that is lesser understood than most of the other diseases, awareness campaigns are held. Brainy Car Rally has been a regular feature since our inception in 2014, where our beneficiaries experience riding in supercars while we raise awareness of this disease.
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