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ends 28 Apr 2018, 11:59 PM
Think Equal is an award-winning free preschool program to build resilient compassionate kids as future leaders of our society.

Think Equal is endorsed by top educationalist Sir Ken Robinson, top movie star Meryl Streep, Pope Francis and Dalai Lama.

It is also adopted by the Sri Lanka government as mandatory National curriculum for all pre-schools in Sri Lanka.

BOP HUB is helping to roll out Think Equal program in the first 20 preschools in Singapore now.

Yale University will measure our impact of this program at the end of the 2018.

Please help us build this pilot program so that we can make it the National Curriculum in Singapore too.

About the Charity

BoP HUB serves as a gateway between businesses and BoP* markets. We work together with technologists, manufacturers and other non-profit organisations to design products integrated with distribution, logistics, public policy, and technological considerations, in order to optimise the supply chain, achieve scale economies and deliver much needed goods and services to consumers at the bottom of the pyramid. Our mission is to catalyse and strengthen cross-sector collaboration and participation in social entrepreneurship targeting the bottom of the pyramid markets.Our vision is to design business to end poverty. *BoP stands for Base of the Pyramid, which refers to the largest and also the poorest population worldwide over 4 billion people living on roughly $10 a day or less. In addition, they carry the burden of a poverty penalty and are often forced to pay more for lower quality basic goods and services due to market inefficiencies in production and distribution.


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