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ends 31 Dec 2022, 11:59 PM
Youth from Blossom World Society initiated a project, Project CPR (Commence Plastic Reduction) with aims to (1) create the awareness on the harm that plastic or single-use plastic is causing to climate change, (2) the beach and ocean habitat, and most importantly, (3) save marine lives.

In order to willingly reduce such single-use plastic items in life, we have to first educate and raise awareness in the hearts of people on the harm we are causing to the Earth, animal lives and ultimately, ourselves. With that, a series of programmes as follows to commence plastic reduction:
- Engage education institutes and their students
- Conduct coastal clean-ups
- Outreach campaigns to the general public
- Share alternatives to single-use plastic

Please donate to support Project CPR on the cause of spreading awareness on the reduction of single-use plastic as we believe that by seeing the harmful impacts of using single-use plastic can we then willingly make the effort in reducing the consumption of such products.

Read more about us @ https://www.blossomworld.sg/cpr

*Net surplus of the fundraising event will fund Blossom World Society's operating expenses.

About the Charity

Blossom World Society is a charitable organization with IPC status which focuses on active volunteerism and service learning. Through these means, we help instill moral values and a sense of gratitude in young people. Our goal is to inspire them to be a more gracious generation that contributes positively to the society and make a difference to the world.Together with your help, we CAN inspire more YOUTH to make the world a better place!


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