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ends 23 Feb 2024, 11:59 PM
Since Sept 2022, BCS has been managing three S3Ps to provide night shelters for the homeless and rough sleepers.

They are
- S3P@Yio Chu Kang Chapel,
- S3P@Inspire, and
- S3P@Gospel Light Christian Centre.

In total, BCS manages a max capacity of 27 beds (out of which 6 are for females) for the homeless and rough sleepers.

Our S3Ps provide stayers with bedding, lockers, warm showers, washing machine, dryers, pantry and WIFI connection. In addition, BCS gives food, transport or finance assistances to stayers who need them.

To date, BCS have given shelter and care to more than 160 homeless and rough sleepers.

Deepening the Work
BCS will like to extend counselling services free-of-charge to the stayers in the S3Ps. We hope to allow the stayers to receive some professional counselling to help them overcome challenges and restore confident to work on their long-term goals.

Extending the Work
We believe that S3Ps are an important part of the nation's social safety net to help give the homeless and rough sleepers the needed reprieve as they work out their long-term housing arrangement with the relevant authorities.

Therefore BCS will actively reach out to other organisations to help them set up and/or manage their S3Ps. With our years of experience in this work, we believe we are able to provide this service adequately and partner these organisations to provide an important social service to the nation.

About the Charity

Bless Community Services (BCS) is a Social Service Agency set up to support the well-being of children, youth, adults, elderly and families in the community, through its Seniors Connect, Community Connect and Youth Connect programmes. We manages three night shelters called the Safe Sound Sleeping Place (S3P@YCKC, S3P@INSPIRE, S3P@GLCC). These shelters are to give the homeless and rough sleepers a safe place to sleep over at night. We believe we should make an impact in the vicinity we are located at, with a mission to develop the potential of individuals, strengthen families and foster communal bonding to enrich our society.


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