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About Us

We are Bilby Community Development Ltd. (affectionately known as "Bilby") - youth charity established in Singapore, in December 2019, that strives to provide the opportunities and platforms for youths to develop positively.

We support and work with at-risk, underprivileged and high needs youths, and through the efforts of our team of Youth Workers, Mentors, and Counsellors, seek to provide these youths the guidance they need to develop their character, resilience, and improve their well-being.

We hope that through our efforts, the youths we work with will positively develop themselves, and strive to achieve excellence in their life pursuits.

Bilby believes that every youth deserves equal opportunities to define and develop themselves, and all they need is the support and guidance of positive figures, with the right opportunities and platforms.

Bilby Community Development Ltd. is a registered Charity since April 2021, and a member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) since December 2022.

Our Programmes

Bilby conducts programmes to engage youths - through the management and running of youth activity centres, school-based programmes, enrichment workshops, leadership workshops, life skill workshops, games and activities.

We also conduct charitable activities: conducting community activities and events to engage at-risk and high needs youths in the community.

Where required, information and referrals and counselling are also provided to ensure that the youths we work with are well supported.

Our Wish List


A dream of ours, is to establish a Youth Centre - a drop-in centre which serves as a safe place for youths to hang out, where they can be meaningfully engages through our programmes, activities, and services, supervised and mentored by our team of Youth Workers, Mentors, and Counsellors.

A place where youths can feel safe and welcome, excited and entertained, interested and invested.
A place where they can learn, explore, connect, and feel that they belong to.
A place where mentors can provide the guidance and support to help the youths develop in a positive manner.
A place where the youths can learn to contribute to the bigger community and society.

Imagine a bright and vibrant space, decked out with art supplies, musical instruments, sports equipment, technology-oriented, with positive figures to guide them.

If you share this vision with us, reach out to us! Help us make this a reality, and provide a safe and positive place where our youths can grow and excel.


Still a young organisation in Singapore, we have to be prudent and stringent in our finances. To keep our operational expenses low, our organisation has decided to forgo on renting an office space - especially since we established right before Covid-19, and working from home has been the trend.

As our work grows and our team expands, regular trainings and meetings are now required, and one of our struggles now is finding a place to meet.

If you, or know of someone, who has the extra space to lend, do let us know! Your generosity will save us the headache of finding a place every time we need a meeting (and renting places by the hour is definitely not worth it).

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Chan Wen Jie

Bilby Community Development Ltd.

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