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ends 02 May 2023, 11:59 PM
A 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and Syria on 6 February 2023. This was followed by more than 1,200 recorded aftershocks. Many people are terrified to go back into their homes, even if they're some of the few still standing. Every time the ground shakes, they relive the trauma.

Tens of thousands of survivors are sleeping in the streets, in their cars or in parking lots to avoid being crushed by rubble if another building collapses. Families are spending excruciating nights exposed to the elements.

BGR International is responding through our local partners providing blankets, water bottles, food and other emergency supplies in impacted neighborhoods. In addition, we are providing training on trauma-informed care, as the emotional toll is going to increase greatly over the coming weeks.

Join us as we meet these urgent needs.

About the Charity

We are helping the poorest of the poor in by providing the communities with training and demonstrations on the developing skills, like home gardening to grow foods, plant medicine knowledge in simple family health care, rain water collection, water filtering, seeds production and goat farming for incomes generating. We also train those communities in earthquake or flooding zones, how to do risk reduction in preventive measurement before the hazard event occur, in order to bring down the affects of natural disaster to the communities.


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