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We are helping the poorest of the poor in by providing the communities with training and demonstrations on the developing skills, like home gardening to grow foods, plant medicine knowledge in simple family health care, rain water collection, water filtering, seeds production and goat farming for incomes generating. We also train those communities in earthquake or flooding zones, how to do risk reduction in preventive measurement before the hazard event occur, in order to bring down the affects of natural disaster to the communities.

Our Programmes

LOMBOK, INDONESIA - BGR International is responding along with our partners to the recent earthquakes in Lombok, Indonesia. Teams of volunteers from Singapore are supplying blankets and supplies. Medical teams are providing needed medical attention. Water rooms with water filters are supplying clean water. With earthquakes and the numerous aftershocks, people are suffering with anxiety. Volunteers are helping with trauma counseling and training for community leaders. Thank you for your generous gift to support these efforts.
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