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About Us

BCCS is an IPC charity organisation that provides programmes and services to help the low-income/disadvantaged in the community. We hope to touch their hearts and lives through our personal care and attention. We walk with those in need to give them hope, to get them out of their seemingly helpless predicament, and spur them on in their journey to build their lives with dignity.

Our family-based services and programmes are founded on the belief that every individual deserves a chance to reach his/her potential. BCCS works on the premise that we who are blessed are to share the blessings with those less fortunate in our society through practical help for them. Through our literacy, mentoring, skills training and other family programmes, we reach out to children, youths, seniors and families who are disadvantaged by their circumstances.

Our Programmes

BCCS has 8 holistic programmes for groups across the different life stages:

1) CAPLE: Teaches phonics and numeracy concepts to K1 & K2 students lagging behind, and supports parents' involvement in their children's studies
2) [email protected]: Provides tuition in English, Mathematics and Science subjects for low income/ disadvantaged children from Pri1 to Sec5 levels
3) [email protected] aims to build a love for reading in young children from low income/ disadvantaged families through stories, games, crafts and creative projects.
4) [email protected] and 5) [email protected] are after-school programmes which engage students in meaningful and fun activities. We hope to keep latchkey students away from the streets and unhealthy social situations by providing a safe and wholesome place for them to interact and build relationships.
6) YOUTHZONE: Engages youths from disadvantaged background with programmes and activities to develop their confidence, maturity, leadership and character.
7) HOPE Program seeks to help families struggling with unemployment, parenting issues, financial difficulties and inter-personal relationship issues through skills-training, counselling and guidance to the adults, and child befriending/mentoring and academic assistance to their children.
8) FAMILYZONE Programme aims to enhance the physical, social and emotional well-being of elderly residents who are lonely and vulnerable, through active aging activities, regular visitation and lunch pack distribution.
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