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BCCS family-based services and programmes are founded on the belief that every individual deserves a chance to reach his potential.We provide a conducive learning environment aimed at building the literacy skills of these disadvantaged children, equipping their parents with nurturing skills, through bursary programs and extending family support services to include their siblings and relatives

Our Programmes

BCCS' core services include preparatory education for pre-schoolers and their parents, enrichment programs, after school care, tuition for children lagging behind in their studies to progress academically. BCCS' programmes aim to assist needy/troubled children from disadvantaged and/or challenging background to achieve a breakthrough in difficult situations. BCCS' services have also since 2014 extended its services to cater to needy and lonely elderly to help them cope in a challenging environment.

BCCS adopts a holistic approach in its programmes, aiming not only to build the literacy skills of children in need but also to equip their parents with the right nurturing skills and to engage them in their child's learning journey, offering bursaries and family support services where needed.
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