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ends 31 May 2018, 11:59 PM
Babes turns 5 this year!

Over the years, we have grown as a charity and helped over 500 girls in pregnancy crisis. The pain, joy, small and big successes and the stories we have known and lived in these past 5 years at Babes and with our beneficiaries have been nothing but inspirational. We are so thankful to have received such overwhelming support from you over the years and our gratitude knows no bounds. As we go on in our mission to help young girls, we seek your continued support.

This May, we will be celebrating our annual Babes Day. The staff and volunteers (students from Hwa Chong Institution) have been planning for months to have a close-knit, fun and special day for our beneficiaries and their families who will get to meet and mingle with each other and celebrate their little successes in life.

Apart from your well wishes for a successful programme, you could also help us in other ways. Tote Board's contribution for this year is doubled if our event's total expenditure is 35% or less of the total funds raised for the project, excluding Tote Board's contribution. As of now, the estimated expenses are $6,500. This means if our donations are $18,571 and above, Tote Board will contribute about $10K to this event!

If you would like to be a sponsor for the event, please write to [email protected]

We hope to garner your support on this. Thank you!

About the Charity

Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd offers support to pregnant teenagers by proactively providing information and community resources that facilitate responsible decision making. Babes believes that support from her family, friends and wider community is essential for a pregnant teenager to make her decision responsibly and for her to experience a sense of normalcy in this difficult period.


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