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ends 30 Jun 2023, 11:59 PM
Parkinson's, osteoporosis, and mild dysphagia are some conditions that our seniors have. A lot of them require assistance in showering, wheelchair transfers, toileting, plus activities of daily living, such as feeding, dressing, and medication.

Many of our students with complex communication still carry bulky paper-based communication systems that limit their ability to express themselves, their needs, and their desires. With Alternative and Augmentative Communication devices, these students can easily engage with teachers, therapists, friends, and family in all environments.

Young children have various levels of physical disabilities. These challenges inhibit their ability to stand independently and require assistance from the teacher. Instead of providing education and integration programmes, the teacher's time and energy are expended on providing the attention and care to support their mobility. Equipped with the right tools, the children can receive quality care from the teacher to ensure meaningful outcomes.

This campaign aims to provide our children and youths, adults with additional needs, and seniors with the necessary tools to support their living and learning skills so they can feel empowered to lead dignified and independent lives.

Your donation to this campaign will go towards the AWWA Welfare Fund, to help our beneficiaries with the tools needed.

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AWWA was founded in 1970 by a group of volunteers supporting low-income families, and has since evolved into one of Singapore's largest multi-service social service agencies. AWWA's multi-professional team supports early childhood education, the integration and inclusion of children with developmental needs, families with complex social issues, the elderly, and persons with additional needs so that they may live out their various dreams and aspirations. AWWA is a registered charity with an Institution of a Public Character status.

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