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ends 31 Dec 2021, 11:59 PM
"The Reason We Smile - Be There For Seniors" sub-campaign seeks to make a difference in supporting over 12,000 AWWA clients within our 30 services organisation-wide. Your contribution to this campaign will go towards AWWA's Welfare Fund. You are investing in the future for a more inclusive community within Singapore by empowering the greatest potential in our clients.

Mr. Hashim is diagnosed with dementia when he was 66 years old. There is no cure for dementia and it will worsen until he does not recognise his family. *1 in 10 seniors above the age of 60 years old has dementia. Dementia can affect adults of any age, but it is more common in those aged 65 and above. Today, there are 28,000 people aged 60 years and above with dementia. By 2030, there will be over 130,000 persons with dementia. (*Source: Agency for Integrated Care)

AWWA Dementia Day Care Centre provides more individualised and holistic care to slow down the deterioration of Mr. Hashim's physical and mental functions.

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*"The Reason We Smile - Be There For Seniors" is a sub-campaign of "The Reason We Smile: Bringing #Smiles to Over 12,000 Clients".

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Established in 1970, AWWA is a local non-profit organisation that provides community-based programmes and services to people of all ages. From early intervention programmes to special education for children and youth with special needs and multiple disabilities, caregivers support, life-enhancing services for families to senior community home, rehabilitation and outreach programmes and services to enable ageing-in-place and active-ageing, AWWA puts people first. Through our programmes and services, we strive to empower and optimise the potential of our clients to lead dignified and independent lives.

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