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ends 07 Nov 2021, 11:59 PM
Children are our future, and it's critical to protect them from any impact that the pandemic might have on them. As uncertain times persist, it is clear that not all children are equipped to handle the difficult challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic poses to their families, well-being and their education. For these kids and their families, we can do more to lift them up so that they will not be left behind.

ANZ's Purpose is to shape a world where people and communities thrive. Once again, ANZ Singapore is working with a group of social services agencies including AWWA to support "The Reason We Smile - Children Need You" sub-campaign which seeks to make a difference to over 12,000 AWWA clients within 30 services organisation-wide. With ANZ Singapore's support, this campaign contribution will go towards AWWA's Welfare Fund.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for everyone, but children from lower-income families are especially vulnerable during this time. Their struggle to meet even the most basic needs is made worse by the pandemic's impact on the livelihoods of their parents or caregivers. Your kind donation however big or small will go a long way in supporting the bright future they deserve.

*"The Reason We Smile - Children Need You" is a sub-campaign of "The Reason We Smile: Bringing #Smiles to Over 12,000 Clients".

About the Charity

Established in 1970, AWWA is a local non-profit organisation that provides community-based programmes and services to people of all ages. From early intervention programmes to special education for children and youth with special needs and multiple disabilities, caregivers support, life-enhancing services for families to senior community home, rehabilitation and outreach programmes and services to enable ageing-in-place and active-ageing, AWWA puts people first. Through our programmes and services, we strive to empower and optimise the potential of our clients to lead dignified and independent lives.

Visit us at awwa.org.sg to find out more about services and programmes.


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