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A single parent is no less a parent. Whether they're unmarried, divorced or widowed, single parents and their children deserve inclusion and support to meet their needs, no less than any other families.

A single parent bears twice the responsibilities of a married parent but has access to fewer resources and less support. This can take a toll on parents and children alike, with a lasting impact on the children's futures.

Together, we can do much more to give single parents and their children equal chances - whether its offering fair access to support like maternity leave and public housing, or transforming prejudicial attitudes into acceptance and understanding. Let's stand up for #asinglelove.

#asinglelove seeks to:

* Support and empower single parents through our services and programmes
* Promote more supportive and equitable policies towards single parents
* Encourage more welcoming and inclusive attitudes toward single parents

Fair for All Families carnival

Part of this new movement to support single-parent families is Fair for All Families. An International Women's Day celebration happening on 12 March, this carnival will treat families of all kinds to attractions and freebies at Hong Lim Park. Welcoming all but with special gifts for single parents, the fair features Guest-of-Honour Tin Pei Ling, MP for Macpherson SMC, as well as a segment where single parents share their personal stories.

About NPO

The Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) is Singapore's leading gender equality advocacy organization. AWARE supports and empowers women on an individual basis and seeks to remove all gender-based barriers that prevent individuals in Singapore from developing their potential to the fullest and realizing their personal visions and hopes. It does this in three ways, namely, research and advocacy, education, and providing social services. In 2016, AWARE won the Charity Governance Award 2016 for the Medium Charities/IPCs category. The Charity Governance Awards, (CGA), organised by the Charity Council, aim to promote good governance in the charity sector by acknowledging the excelling work of charities, while inspiring others to emulate their best practices. AWARE qualified as a candidate for the CGA by becoming a winner of the Charity Transparency Awards (CTA). The CTA recognises charities with good disclosure practices.

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