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About Us

Avant Theatre & Language is a Charity and have been serving in the Arts & Heritage conservancy through performance from 2011 in Singapore. Covid-19 have dampened the finance and spirt of staff and volunteers who have taken pride and deep rooted interest in the Arts. Business Continuity and Sustainability needs financial support from like minded people and philanthropists at large. Thank You.

The emergence of Avant, Singapore was timely as there was a strong desire to expand and explore the theatre craft in South East Asia with many collaborative partnerships. Steadfast in its artistic direction and realising many opportunities for artistic exploration in this region it was a lucrative and commercially viable move to set up Avant Theatre & Language Limited in Singapore on 2nd March 2011 as a Public Company Limited by Guarantee under the Non-Profit Organisation entity.

Avant, Singapore is new, fresh and is willing to take on exciting ventures to promote multicultural art forms in Australia. Having the best of both worlds, east and west, Avant wants to be a hybrid production company carving its name in Melbournes contemporary theatre scene. Avant, Singapore aims to be a professional creative platform showcasing commercially appealing productions and an artistic exploratory platform working in partnership with local arts organisation in supporting the Singapore Global Arts.

Our Programmes

Avant takes it upon itself to nurture new stage writers and actors as part of its social responsibility for the sustainability of Tamil Theatre in Singapore, taking baby steps to create a strong talent pool.
Avant is working on a Masterclass in Acting for Stage & Television. We aim to create passionate actors who will be versatile in Stage and TV acting. Highly creditable and award winning local stage and television Actors, Directors and Directors of Photography will be invited for this workshop sessions to share the valuable experience and expectations.
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