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About Us

Vision and Mission1. To assist gamblers to recover from their addiction and rebuild a life of dignity and significance 2. To assist generally in the recovery and rehabilitation of persons with criminal background or delinquent behaviour and their re-integration into society. 3. To alleviate the distress faced by the problem gamblers and their families through befriending support and counselling for individual and family.4. To assist the poor in society to get out of the poverty cycle so that they and their children can live an improved lives. 5. To assist the elderly in society to live healthy, meaningful and productive lives.6. To set up support groups to help people recover and rebuild their lives. 7. To set up employment opportunities to help clients in their recovery and integration into society. 8. Provide individual and family counselling, financial budgeting, self-reliance enrichment programs for the distressed.9. Network and provide consultation with government, private, and voluntary agencies for a collaborative approach towards problem gambling intervention.

Our Programmes

Weekly Gamblers Recovery Support Group on every Wednesday
Home Refurbishing for Low-income Elderly
1 to 1 Family Counselling Follow-up
Befriending and Home Visitations to Socially Isolated Elderly
Free Tuition for Needy
Food Distribution for Low-income family
Single Mother Support
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  • Social Service

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Ascending Hope Community Services Ltd

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