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1) To operate a day-care centre for children, regardless of race or religion, who are between 3 years to 18 years of age, have been diagnosed with cancer or other life-threatening illness(es), have undergone intensive medical treatment in response to their illness(es), are especially susceptible to infection due to the immunosuppressive side effects of such treatment and are unable to attend regular schools as a result (the "Children"). (2) To provide, within the environment of the day-care centre, care and enrichment for the Children, whose families have limited or depleted financial resources for their treatment whether due to having incurred expenses in seeking curative medical treatment for their life-threatening illness(es) or otherwise. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Company may exercise the powers: (a) To provide compassionate emotional, moral and psychosocial support to meet the needs of the Children, their family members and/or immediate caregivers outside the hospital environment through various programs; (b) To provide continuing education in a hygienic environment to promote the well-being of the Children and to nurture and develop their natural talents through a curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education Singapore; (c) To nurture and develop the Childrens' confidence, growth and social and intellectual potential to lead a fulfilling life despite their life-threatening illness(es) through their participation in various activities; (d) To enhance and support the physical development of the Children through their participation in various exercises and therapy; and (e) To promote and improve other forms of support for the Children by providing a place of respite and reprieve for their family members and/or immediate caregivers, so as to restore family members and/ or immediate caregivers' weakened spirits and strength for their journey alongside the Children.


Arc is a centre without classrooms to allow the children and their siblings to be together within sight of each other, studying together as a family.
Education is grouped by age and/or intellectual abilities with individual attention. The levels covered are Nursery, Kindergarten 1 & 2, Primary and Secondary levels. Included in their education is Mandarin and Malay languages
All the activities are for the children's development of their physical, emotional and social well-being:
Monday is Zumba for coordination through rhythmic movements
Tuesday is Speech & Drama for confidence building
Wednesday is Taekwondo for discipline and strength building as well as Music for listening and vocal strengthening
Thursday is Yoga for balance, concentration and calming
Friday is fun activities day like arts & crafts and outings for exploration of the world


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