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ends 29 Sep 2018, 11:59 PM
Apex Harmony Lodge is raising funds to upgrade our facilities and also to create programmes that will benefit persons with early onset dementia.

Younger persons are now becoming affected by dementia earlier, due to our lifestyle, diet and genetic inheritance. Persons from age 40 are now being diagnosed with dementia, and we need to develop ways to retain as many abled years as possible.

By engaging in our various therapy programmes, we can stimulate them cognitively and also give them a sense of dignity when they complete tasks assigned. Even more importantly, we are able to give hours of respite care weekly to their caregivers.

Help us to enable dementia patients and their caregivers to live well!

About the Charity

Donate Generously for an extraordinary cause empower a Person with Dementia to live well. All donation will receive tax relief of 2.5 times. Join us to care for 210 long term residents and another 25 daycare elders, all of whom are PWD. Located in Pasir Ris, AHL, passionately known as the Lodge is one and only Home specialises in caring for the whole spectrum of PWDs in Singapore An Institutions of a Public Character partly funded by the Government, we envision to be A Living Model of a Home Committed to Lives Affected by Dementia See more of life at the Lodge through the videos at our website at www.apexharmony.org.sg Other platforms such as Linkedin - www.linkedin.com/company/8708581/ EventBrite - www.eventbrite.sg/o/apex-harmony-lodge-14986783235 Instagram - www.instagram.com/apexharmonylodge/ Carousell Wish-list - www.carousell.com/apexharmonylodge


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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