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About Us

Apex Harmony Lodge (AHL) is a community committed to empowering lives affected by dementia to continue to live well.

We strive to do this through the creation of an ecosystem in which Persons with dementia (PWD), engaged meaningfully through strength-based approaches, can continue to live well with meaning and purpose in a nurturing environment.

To that end, Apex Harmony Lodge developed unique person-centred care models for both long term residential care and community care.

In our Lodge situated in Pasir Ris, residents of varying profiles and strengths are empowered, engaged and loved in Assisted Living, Supported Living, and Tender Loving Care Homes. Our residents are engaged meaningfully through a suite of psychosocial initiatives, each of the five strands aimed at differing strengths of each resident.

Our Day Care centre, a space for continuous learning, leisure and relationship building, engages elders with dementia, their caregivers as well as residents within the local community.

Therapy Through Work for Young Onset and Early Stage Dementia provides naturalised work therapy for PWD within the community. Beyond work, PWDs are further empowered to live with purpose through taking part in activities within the Lodge.

We are an Institution of Public Character partly funded by the Government. Visit our website at

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Our Programmes

Complementing our nursing and clinical care, our 5 strands of psychosocial care are creatively designed to bring out the best in each PWD, fulfilling his/her needs and intended to be conducted in a normalized and naturalized way.

Our 5 strands of psychosocial care are:

Inter-Generation Bonding Programme (IGBP)
Empowering generations, weaved into a nurturing and inclusive community to normalize living for PWD.

Therapy Through Work (TTW)
It "Works" for Me. Developing a model of Work as therapy for people with dementia, the community and the sector.

Nurturing the Heart (NTH)
Enhancing residents' quality of life and enabling them to live to their fullest potential by providing optimum sensory and cognitive stimulation.

Enlivening Minds and Delighting Senses (EMDS)
Leading unit in empowering and enabling PWD in Activities of Daily Living, work and leisure.

Fun & Fit (F&F)
A PCC Physiotherapy Hub for PWD providing fun-filled exercises through integration with daily activities and celebration of residents' rich life history.

Regardless of the stage of dementia, every interaction and activity is intended to unlock each PWD's potential, guided by the 4Es Model (Enable, Engage, Empower, Enthuse), to promote well-being and contribute to the quality of life in the Home, in the Lodge, as well as in the community.

Our Wish List

Book & Stationary

Chinese Song Book with Lyrics

Chinese Novels

These books will be used to engage residents who are well-versed in Chinese.

Toys & Games

Big Sized Dolls
Dolls are used for doll-therapy for our residents with dementia to fulfil their attachment and identity needs

Puzzles (12pc, 24pc)
Puzzles are used for cognitive stimulation for residents

Toy Billard Table

Small Foosball Table
Billard and Foosball tables are favourites among male residents as leisure activities to keep them active and promote social inclusion


Apple Charger for iPad
Android Charger for Tablets


Wallet/Handbag for our lady residents

Hand Bells for music engagement for our residents

Transport Vouchers for Persons with Dementia in the community to take part in our engagements

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