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Donate generously for an extra-ordinary cause - empower a Person with Dementia to live well.  Join us to care for 210 long-term Residents and another 25 daycare Elders, all of whom are Persons-living-with-Dementia (PWDs). Located in Pasir Ris, AHL, passionately known as the Lodge is one and only one Home specialises in caring for the whole spectrum of PWDs in Singapore. An IPC partly-funded by the Government, we envision to be A Living Model of a Home Committed to Lives Affected by Dementia. See more of life at the Lodge through the videos at our website :

Our Programmes

Key programmes and initiatives at the Lodge are diverse and yet customised to cater to the needs of PWD. Assessments for appropriateness of programmes for each Resident take into account their past lifestyles, strengths, interests and comfort level for new activities. The programmes aim to engage them in activities that are functional, purposeful and provide meaning and interest to the Resident.
The programmes are designed not only to benefit the Residents, but also to enhance dementia awareness in the community. Eventually we envision creating a society in which PWD are integrated and respected for who they are thus enhancing their quality of life. Check out on the Lodge's website for further details.
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