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ends 07 Jan 2021, 11:59 PM
We are grateful to filmmakers Eric Khoo and Jerrold Chong for creating the short film "The Brown Dog", part of NVPC and Blue 3 Asia's 15 Shorts film anthology. Inspired by Cathy Strong in the 15 Shorts film "The Brown Dog"? Support Animal Lovers League (ALL) by donating to the care of Captain Hook, their three-legged mascot, featured in this film along with his fellow 500 rescued animal friends who are under the loving care of ALL.

Registered in 2002 by Cathy Strong and Mohan, ALL carries out tasks such as care giving, feeding and treating of the homeless and sick animals. ALL's daily tasks include conveying sick and injured animals for veterinary treatments as well as having them neutered/sterilised and vaccinated against illnesses. In addition, ALL also feeds hungry strays on the streets. ALL also rehomes rescued animals and encourages the public to adopt instead of buying and endeavours to rejoin the animals at ALL with loving and committed families everywhere.

ALL's background and history was featured in this project to provide an alternative perspective to the nation-building narratives of the era. Animals were, too, a part of the big Singapore Story. Together, let's build a City of Good!

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About the Charity

Animal Lovers League (ALL) is a registered charity and home to about 500 dogs and cats, and the animals under its care consist of vagrant strays, abandoned, traumatised, abused and rescued animals.
Animal Lovers League (ALL) is strictly no-kill.
Animal Lovers League (ALL) aims to encourage the public to adopt instead of buying animals, and endeavours to rejoin the animals at Animal Lovers League (ALL) with loving and committed families.
Animal Lovers League (ALL) constantly needs the support of the public to help to keep the charity running and continue caring for the animals. Some of the ways members of the public can help include giving monetary contributions and monthly pledges, donating food for the cats and dogs and fostering the animals.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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