Our Campaign Story

ends 16 Jan 2016, 11:59 PM

I believe that everyone is equal.

When I was doing a student exchange programme in the US, I met a student who was wheelchair bound. We were staying in the same dormitory. We became friends, and one day he invited me to his room for dinner where he cooked for me a really good Indian meal. For someone who do not bear culinary skills and enjoys spicy food, it was a real treat for me :) He showed me around his room and I saw that the furniture retrofitted for someone in a wheelchair e.g. slightly shorter tables so he could reach out and prepare the food and cook. I was amazed.

Returning to Singapore, I realised that I hardly see any student in a wheelchair on campus and I didn't have friends who had physical/intellectual impairment. In fact, it was not just on campus. I didn't see many people with disability around most places I go to.

We designed and built our environment so that we can all build for ourselves lives as people, families and a society. People with disability are an equal part of that society. I want to be part of creating an environment and society that gives equal opportunities for all.

Join me in supporting HWA to bring equal access and opportunity to every person with disability.

About The Charity

For the past 50 years, the Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA) has been providing needed services to people with physical disabilities. To fund its services to the needy beneficiaries, HWA has to rely on the generosity of the public and organisations for financial support.

In recent years, HWA has expanded its services to meet the increasing and changing needs of people with disabilities and the rapidly aging population. The number of beneficiaries that HWA served is also growing and this means HWA has to increase its staff strength to meet the needs of the beneficiaries.

With the continuing community support, HWA will be empowered to continue its mission in serving people with disabilities and the elderly.

On behalf of our beneficiaries, thank you so much for your support!


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