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About Us

Alzheimer's Disease Association was formed in 1990 as a result of the growing concern for the needs of persons with dementia and their families. ADA is a voluntary welfare organization and is made up of caregivers, professionals and all who are interested in dementia.

Our Objectives:
* To increase the quality and quantity of care for the elderly with dementia
* To increase the number of services for the elderly with dementia and to be a model for other organisations to follow and learn from
* To increase families' abilities to cope with and continue caring for their elderly with dementia *To manage and support centres for the elderly with dementia
* To increase opportunities for research, the teaching and training of psychogeriatrics for personnel caring for the elderly with dementia

Our Programmes

ADA runs a broad range of services for persons with dementia, such as dementia day-care centres, home based respite and psycho-social support programmes and three-hour day-care sessions. For caregivers of persons with dementia, we provide support groups, a Helpline, counselling, case management, information and referral services. We also provide training in dementia care to family caregivers, foreign domestic workers, healthcare professionals and institutions.

ADA is also active in public education and engagement to raise awareness of dementia and to do our part in advocating for a dementia-friendly community. We offer regular volunteer opportunities and public education talks and events to encourage early detection and intervention. We collaborate with Government, social service agencies, corporations and institutions to meet the needs of persons with dementia and caregivers.

For more details on our programmes, please visit our website at

Privacy Options:
As a gesture of appreciation and recognition to donors, ADA publishes the names of all individuals and corporate donors and contributors in our Annual Report. Only the donor's name or corporate name is published. If you or your organisation do not wish to be acknowledged by ADA in print, or if you do not wish to be placed on our donor mailing list to be kept updated on ADA's happenings, please contact us accordingly. Thank you for your support!
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