About Campaign

ends 31 Dec 2020, 11:59 PM
Together with Mr Khng Joo Heng, help us bring the painting to life!

A 'paint by numbers' painting, our talented resident Mr Khng will be filling in the colours when you donate!

At All Saints Home, we strive to provide life-centric quality care that brings joy and comfort, and honours the dignity of our residents in a caring Christian environment. We aim to address the needs the physical needs of our residents and their psychological and social needs through therapies and activities. One of our residents' favourite activity to do is art therapy!

This portrait of a giraffe was specially chosen because giraffes symbolise grace, peace, and protection. It is our greatest hope that our residents can find peace and strength, and age with grace and dignity.

We also want to assure everyone that we are standing tall through the pandemic and holding our heads high despite everything that has happened at All Saints Home. We will not bow down to challenges and will continue to do our utmost to protect all the elderly sick and chronically ill residents under our care.

The different colours in the giraffe represents all of us including our residents, clients, staff, volunteers, donors, and friend. Together we are one.

Any help you provide will go towards organising therapy sessions for our residents, aiding our home's operational expenses and subsiding our financially needy and destitute residents.

Check back in regularly to see the progress of the painting!

About the Charity

The elderly and sick in All Saints Home are from low-income families or lack family support. Some of the elderly who have children, are themselves retired with their own medical conditions. Most of them came with their unique set of social issues. Gradually, some of the elderly faces abandonment and All Saints Home is left to meet their impending medical and nursing needs without the family's assistance. Hence, we seek your generous and compassionate support in our work to help the elderly and sick to age gracefully despite their illnesses.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.