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The elderly and sick in All Saints Home are from low-income families or lack family support. Some of the elderly who have children, are themselves retired with their own medical conditions. Most of them came with their unique set of social issues. Gradually, some of the elderly faces abandonment and All Saints Home is left to meet their impending medical and nursing needs without the family's assistance. Hence, we seek your generous and compassionate support in our work to help the elderly and sick to age gracefully despite their illnesses.

Our Programmes

Our programmes include: Residential Care where our care for each resident is individualised and reviewed periodically according to his or her latest conditions and needs. Customised physiotherapy, occupational therapy, continence management and other healthcare activities are carried out daily. A variety of recreational programmes are also carried out to promote social interaction among residents. Respite Care where we provide short-term respite to families and caregivers for up to 30 days to enable them to have a short break, with peace of mind that their loved ones are being cared for safely and professionally. Day Care where we help our day clients maximise independence, enhance function, adapt and develop skills, and minimise the need for support. Their caregivers are also given support and training. Centre-based Nursing where we provide basic nursing care for seniors in the community. Home Care services where we provide our clients with a complete range of home-base services.
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