A Little More

“Look where we are, we’ve come so far.” Truly, we have made waves in the past 200 years, but no doubt “there’s still a long long way to go”.

What would Our Singapore look like in the next 200 years? Take a pause to imagine a Singapore where everyone gives a little more - more time, care, love, money. Would this be a society you’ll like to live in?

This ideal can become a reality if everyone takes small steps like refreshing the homes of vulnerable elderly, befriending people with intellectual disabilities or engaging in heritage programmes to keep our Singapore tune alive. “And in the end, hand in hand we will get there."

Click on any of these volunteer opportunities and campaigns below to volunteer or donate, and share a little more of your talent, treasure and time with these charities.

Double your impact: Between Apr 1 2019 to Mar 31 2020, the Bicentennial Community Fund will offer dollar-for-dollar matching for donations to Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs), up to a cap of $400,000 per IPC. That means for every dollar donated to these IPCs, they get another dollar matched to them!