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Founded in 2002, aLife Ltd is a nonprofit charity organisation under the National Council of Social Services which aims to improve the lives of underprivileged families and their children through provision of holistic support system such as counselling and education projects. One such education projects is the Caterpillar Club where enrichment and life skills programs are provided free to these children, helping them to stay in school and equipped with life skills to cope with personal and academic stresses and challengers. Some of the examples of such programs are art and craft, music and dance, English literacy and reading programs, Character building, sports and educational outings.

The caterpillar club also awards annual bursaries amounting $250 to these children to help them to purchase educational aids that would help them to improve academic performances and thus enhance their self-esteem.

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aLife views every child from the moment of conception as a precious gift to be cherished and enjoyed by all. aLife is a secular, non-profit voluntary welfare organisation. It is committed to educating, advising and supporting women and their families on issues related to the unborn child and the mother's reproductive health.

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