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About Us

Stroke is a Life-Changing Event. Recovery and establishing a new identity post-stroke is a long and costly journey. Your generous donations to Stroke Support Station (S3) will go a long way towards helping stroke survivors and their caregivers in the journey of recovery and care.

Established in 2015, S3 is the first and only stroke-focused community rehabilitation and wellness agency dedicated to meeting the needs of post-stroke survivors and their caregivers across Singapore. With S3, post-discharge survivors of stroke are able to receive care continuum through rehabilitation that integrates advanced rehabilitative technologies with conventional therapy as well as our signature S3 Wellness programme supporting cognitive and psychosocial development in order to maximise recovery potential, independence and reintegration.

We believe that stroke survivors deserve a second chance.
We understand and value the hard work that caregivers and families put into the stroke recovery journey.
We strive to make rehabilitation services accessible for all, regardless of financial status.
We want to tackle the rising number of stroke incidents and make a difference in the stroke community.

Our Programmes

Prevention & Outreach: The number of stroke incidents have been on an alarming increase in recent years. S3 conducts Stroke Awareness & Prevention Talks with other social service agencies and corporate partners to not only spread stroke knowledge among the elderly, but also among the younger working population.

Rehabilitation: Our rehabilitation incorporates conventional Physiotherapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), and Speech Therapy (ST), with advanced rehabilitative technologies such as robotics (Ekso), anti-grav machines (Alter-G), and others. This provides the best quality of post-acute and hospital community rehabilitation to help achieve the therapy goals of a stroke survivor and other therapy clients.

Wellness: Physical rehabilitation usually places a heavy emphasis on their physical recovery. Many still grapple with psychological, mental and social issues for months, and even up to years, after their stroke. S3's wellness programmes incorporate stroke-focused fun physical activities (yoga, kickboxing, aerobics), with neuro-cognitive and psychosocial activities such as Music Therapy and Art Therapy.

Care & Support: We support stroke survivors and their families through Information and Referral of Community Resources, Case Management and Counselling, and Financial Assistance (thanks to generous donors).
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